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May 2015

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Statement From Carron Hall Church, St. Mary Jamaica on the Jamaican Christian Medical Mission

“And Jesus answering said unto them, they that are whole have no need of a physician, but they that are sick” —St. Luke 5:31.

A dream materialized in 1995 when Rev. Coughlin and his team decided to start a medical mission in Carron Hall. The Carron Hall United Church had the distinct pleasure of hosting that team. Since then the Church has developed a sincere and fruitful partnership with the members of the Missouri Medical Mission Team. Ladies and gentlemen, my brothers and sisters, we are here today primarily because of this wonderful partnership as well as the camaraderie between us. The mission has grown tremendously having on occasions in excess of forty volunteers ranging from medical doctors, dental surgeons, ophthalmologists, pharmacists, nurses, restaurateurs, and other non-medical professionals.

We are aware of some other medical missions that visit other communities in our country but we at Carron believe that there is none to compare with our Missouri Mission. Humanitarian missions to developing countries like ours can be both personally and professionally rewarding, not only for the members of the team but also the country to which you / they are called to serve. While you (the members of the team) get first-hand experience of the plight of some of the less fortunate in these societies and become familiar with the local culture, the mission offers a unique opportunity for persons to volunteer their time, skills, and financial resources to assist the underprivileged.

Carron Hall and adjoining communities are immensely grateful to you for this venture, as you have not only managed to restore the health of thousands but have caused them to once again become productive. Many have openly expressed their gratitude in their own vernacular/dialect. One gentleman had a huge lump/bump toward the back of his neck. For years, he struggled with the discomfort but the thought of removing it frightened him. And not only that, he simply could not afford to have it removed. It took the team from Missouri to build his confidence then proceeded to remove the growth. This gentleman has high praise for you all, especially Dr. Gibbs who had done the procedure.

Hundreds of other persons who have benefited directly or indirectly from your medical visits continue to laud the efforts of the group to restore their health. To say that the Missouri Mission Team has significantly impacted the church and the wider community is an understatement. Your patience and expertise are of the highest quality. The need for medical care is usually so overwhelming that patients are prepared to wait for an entire day and if by chance, they were not seen on the first day they would be willing to return two more days successively in order to have the doctor’s opinion.

Sick persons travel from within a radius of 20 miles to have their eyes tested and be fitted with a pair of reading glasses or a pair of fashionable sunshades. The dentists are always on hand to ensure good oral and a winning smile. Chronic diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, and heart conditions are just some of the medical conditions the team treats on their visits.

One could always observe the relief and joy on their faces after being attended to by the specialists, then given a bag of goodies to take home. Needless to say that he church grounds which is usually quiet is always transformed into a beehive of activities with men, women, boys and girls, babies even, milling about afterwards and enjoying the atmosphere as well as creating lifetime friendship.

Rev. Walford and the congregation are eternally grateful to the Evangelical Church, Pastor Dan, Belinda, Gwen and Rhonda who over the years have worked tirelessly to organize and spearhead the Mission to Carron Hall United. To every single volunteer who participates in this worthwhile mission, we wish to say a special thank you. May God bless you all and may he continue to strengthen you and make available the requisite resources to do His work in your territory as well as on your overseas missions. Carron Hall welcomes you every time. The sharing of culture, the spiritual devotions, the food, the concerts, the music, the games, the sheer laughter are just some of what make our partnership special. The camaraderie forged is priceless.

We propose that to extend and enhance your mission, that you might want to consider low income dwelling for a few of the most needy in our community. Of course, Minister Walford along with the Board of Elders would identify those who are most deserving. Secondly, our community is populated by a number of small farmers, hence, we are suggesting that the Mission Team could examine the possibility of providing agricultural tools as well as greenhouse farming techniques. These could prove to be extremely useful to the residents and by extension, the country. We hope that you give these propositions some serious thought as we continue to serve God’s people.

“Life is precious and fragile, and when it is in crisis it loves prayer and people with a servant’s heart to help mend it.”

May you find it in your heart to always help those who are in need.

God bless you! One love from all of us at Carron Hall United!


Evangelical Church has begin broadcasting a half hour version our service on KMHM 104.1 (Marble Hill) at 11 AM on Saturdays. Tune in for the Good News!


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